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Stress Free Removals In Scarborough

Stress Free Removals In Scarborough

When you sell your home it's usually to a stranger, so from that moment on you have to put your trust in someone you don't know, and then you start racking up costs, without any firm commitment.

That's quite stressful.

Then you instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf who mostly never sounds too interested, just happy to tootle along and add the hours to your bill. When you make contact with them you nearly always get no sense. And for what you pay, it's just not fair

That's quite stressful.

Then you have to wait for the results of a survey & your buyer to organise their lender if required.

Getting more stressful

You start packing, knee deep in boxes & bubble wrap, trying to de-clutter, with a few trips to the local tip as well, which is very time-consuming .

Stress factor increasing

Then the awful part arrives.... The silent treatment.... Nobody is talking to anyone and no one seems to know what's going on... No progress, so it seems.

Reaching fever point now

I'm in for legal fees now, and I've all my trust in a stranger, how mad does that sound ….I'm up to my neck in boxes and just want to be gone, my home has begun to sound empty and it feels like I'm living out of a suitcase.

Really fed up and stressed to the max

The chain could break anytime, but as not yet ... then the solicitor rings, were exchanging & completing within 2 days .. I'm just not ready for 2 days notice, panic, panic, panic..

I'm crawling up the wall with stress. I now wish I had never started ...I'm never moving again!

Then I rang AA REMOVALS and they called to see me the same day and weighed things up...told me what's involved and how to tackle things! From there on, things seemed to just fall into place and then the cavalry turned up to move me. Superb service & just got on with it. By tea time I was all de-stressed. I've got my life back.

Thank you AA Removals

The moral of this story is, always use a company that's big enough to cope and small enough to care, charges reasonable rates and puts customers first.

Check our 5 star google reviews if you need more convincing.

Jordan Simkiss: MD – AA Removals

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