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Man And Van Removals In Scarborough

Man And Van Removals In Scarborough

What Separates Us

Man & Van Removals can be ok sometimes, but not often, as they are very high risk, which can, and will, prove to upset & annoy you.

(Because nobody likes being let down.)

The usual scenario with man and van removals, is that they have very limited experience in the job, and are improvising and learning as they go along.

(At your expense)

It's one man and one van, so if a breakdown or accident occurs there is no spare van on standby. If the job in front of yours has been delayed whilst waiting for keys, or any other problem occurs and they are unable to unload, then this becomes a problem for their next removal, creating a dangerous domino effect.

(Which is not nice for anyone in the chain.)

AA Removals accommodate for all potential risk factors. For example, we have a fleet of vans and a fleet of staff that can professionally sort most situations and we have a backup vehicle on standby in our storage warehouse just in case we run into any snags etc..

If you are only moving every 10 years or so, it's worth paying a bit more for an experienced crew and clean, reliable vehicles...

And finally. For your peace of mind, all our staff are uniformed, extremely polite and take deep pride in their job.

Jordan Simkiss: MD – AA Removals

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