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Moving To, Or From A Flat? Trust The Experienced Professionals

This is the most comprehensive To-Do list you will need. Follow this guide for a stress free flat removal.

First thing to do is to find all documents related to your tenancy as soon as possible, Including:

Important: Review all these documents and find out how to properly end your tenancy, using the correct procedure. Find out how to cancel all relevant subscriptions and services you use at this address. Some of these can be transferred.

Check if your deposit is protected and inspect the property

Important: It's very important that your deposit is protected to ensure fair and unbiased judgement on any dispute at the end of the tenancy. If you want that deposit money back in full, you need to prepare to fight for it. If the landlord has not properly protected the deposit, they are liable for up to three times the amount in courts. If you have not received any information, your landlord is again liable.

Contact your landlord and all relevant providers

Once settled with the landlord, and have arranged your accommodation, notify the following about changing your address:

You can use a website like I Am Moving to help you contact and notify all relevant parties about your flat move

Important: Each company / organization you contact will have different terms on how you can cancel or transfer your subscription to your new address. To avoid headaches, contact them ahead of time and ask what the correct procedure is. Then simply follow the instructions when the time comes.

Organising Your Flat Move

Last week before moving - Start packing and cleaning

Finally - Pack Your Belongings & Wait For AA Removals

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